Mexico City, District Federal

Mexico City Map 1Mexico City, District Federal

Meico City COA“Driving in Mexico City is terrible. It is congested, noisy and complicated. I would rather eat nails.
But it is a beautiful place to enjoy culture and city life. We plan our days around art galleries, exhibitions, festivals and other happening. To just walk around in an adventure. It is a world class city. An Alpha City. A place like no other.”

Dorothy Bell

Name: Mexico means place of the Mexica

Location: Mexico City is located in south central Mexico in a basin valley called the Valley of Mexico. It is located on the extinct Lake Texcoco. The dry lake bed is rapidly sinking.

Weather: Mexico City has a subtropical highland climate with moderate temperatures year round. Precipitation is from June to September and includes dense hail storms. Snow is rare.
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January Average Highs 21.7C (71.1F) Lows 7.4C (45.3F)

July Average Highs 23.8C (74.8F) Lows 12.5C (54.5F)

Population: 8,852,000 City, 21.2 million Urban

Elevation: 2,250 to 3,930 m (7,380 to 12,890 ft)


  1.  March 13, 1325, Mexico-Tenochtitlan
  2. August 13, 1521,Ciudad de México
  3. November 18, 1824, District Federal

Medical: Best in the country. Hospitals, teaching facilities

Money: National Banks



Getting there:

There are many roads leading to Mexico City. If you are just driving through it without stopping you are better to drive the Arco Norte (a tolled ring road) and avoid the congestion altogether.

Remember that you are restricted by your license plate number as to when you are allowed to drive in the city.

The best strategy for entering or exiting the city is to drive on Sunday mornings when traffic is lightest.



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Mexico City Map 2


Transportation and Driving

Arco Norte Company Website in Spanish

Mexico City “No Drive Day” Restrictions

Free Tourist on-line application for No Drive Exemption

Mexico City Subway Map

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