Mexico Phones and Cells

Mexico Phones

SKYPE, Vonage Magic Jack (and other VOIP)

We strongly recommend one of these services be installed on your computer before you leave Canada or the US. They are an inexpensive way to keep in touch with friends back home.

Unfortunately you must have  good internet signal to use this. Often the internet service is weak so phone quality is poor. Still it allows calls at an extremely reduced price.

 (You can also purchase a Banda Ancha USB stick from Telcel – the cellphone internet provider. The cost is approximately 600 pesos for the stick and 500 pesos per month for internet service. The service covers most of Mexico. As this gives you mobile internet you can use these products.)

If your service is based from the US or Canada, remember to dial as if you were outside the country. (see below)

Cell Phones

You can purchase inexpensive pay as you go cell phones throughout Mexico. Be aware that coverage differs throughout the country and you should make inquiries as to which carrier covers the area that you plan to stay in.

If you are traveling, we suggest you purchase Telcel. While it is More expensive than others, it has nationwide coverage.

Cell phone to Cell phone

Dial (Area Code) and then the 7 digit number

Cell phone to Landline

Dial (Area Code) and then the 7 digit number

Landline to Cell Phone

Dial 945 then (Area Code) and then the 7 digit number

Pay Phones

Most pharmacies sell Ladatel phone cards. You must use these on Telmex pay phones. Do not use phones that ask for your credit card for making long distance calls. These phones are extremely expensive.

 Calling Mexico

When calling a Mexico number from Canada or the US, dial 011- 52 the 3 Digit Area code and then the 7 digit number. If you are calling a Mexican Cell phone from Canada or the US you need to add a 1 before the area code. Dial 011-52- 1 -(area code) and the seven digit number. 

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