Mexico’s Baja

The Baja – The Desert and the Beach      

Baja RV Park Locations

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Tijuana to Santo Tomas Santo Tomas to El Rosario ● El Rosario to Guerrero Negro Guerrero Negro to Santa Rosalia Santa Rosalia to Loreto Loreto to La Paz La Paz to Cabo Loop

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Mexicali to San Felipe

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Highway 1 Saunters down the coast and crosses over the mountainous spine of Baja from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas and meanders through various desert, oasis and beach communities. The accommodation is as varied as the landscape: from 5 star resorts to basic boon docking. You can be totally pampered in luxury or you can enjoy natures best while primitive camping for $7 a night.

The Baja is the perfect place to first drive and explore Mexico. While the towns and cities are shy of cultural opportunities and   antiquities, the “California’s ” offers their own version of Mexican entertainment and fun. Think world class golf, fishing, surfing. Boogie boarding, snorkeling, parasailing, kite skiing. Endless white beaches and blue skies. Palm trees and massive cacti.

Catch the morning sun peak over the Sea of Cortex or say goodbye as it sinks into the horizon along the Pacific. Reach out and grab the clear evening sky for the millions of stars that hover just above your reach. The Baja is all of this and more.

Please saunter through this web and CD and explore this amazing peninsula with us. On The Road In is an interactive travel guide. After your visit write us and let us know about your wonderful discoveries. Correct our prices. Share your favorite restaurants, motels, hotels, and watering holes along the way. Add a comment or two about a town you discovered.

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