Monterrey, Nuevo Laredo

Monterrey Map 1Monterrey, Nuevo Laredo

Monterrey COA

“You can feel the money in Monterrey. There is just about every American Big Box retail outlet there and serves as the base for many international corporations.

Monterrey is booming. The second wealthiest city in Mexico and the ninth in Latin America. It is a world “Beta City” cosmopolitan and competitive.

Monterrey is also rich in culture and history which is sadly overlooked. Instead Monterrey is the most Americanized city in Mexico. Sing with me…”Everythings better in America….”

Dorothy Bell

Name: Orriginaly called Ciudad Metropolitana de Nuestra Señora de Monterrey by founder Diego de Montemayor to curry favour with Count of Monterrey in Spain.

Location: Monterrey is located in North Central Mexico in the northeastern state of Nuevo Leon.

Weather: Semi-arid Climate. Hot summers, temperate fall and mild winters. Rain from May to September.


January Average Highs 20.7C (69.3F) Lows 8.2C (46.8F)

July Average Highs 34.8C (94.6F) Lows 22.3C (72.1F)

Population: 1,131,000 City 4,081,000 Metro

Elevation: 540 m (1,770 ft)

Founded: on September 20, 1596 by Diego de Montemayor

Medical: Major Medical facilities

Money: Major Banks



Getting there:

Monterrey is on the crossroads of major Mex Highways North & South 85 & 85D, and just to the side of Highway 57 to Mexico City, East & West the 40D,





Bahia Escondida Hotel & RV Park Resort


Hotel Imperial del Norte


Las Palmas Hotel and Trailer Park

Motel Oasis RV and Trailer Park

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