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Morelia COAMorelia is a very special city, and on a personal note, the birthplace of our son-in-law Guillermo Triejo.
But even before we ever met memo, we would love to wander the historic downtown core, enjoy the food, drink and ambience of a beautiful city.”

Dorothy Bell

Name: The Spanish Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza originally named Valladolid after a Spanish city in 1541. After the War of independence it was renamed Morelia after hero José María Morelos who was born in the city. Location: Morelia is located in central Mexico between the two major cities of Guadalajara and Mexico City. It is in the Guayangareo Valley in the North central part of the state.

Weather: Temperate climate with a strong rainy season in the summer. Some call it a subtropical highland climate.



January Average Highs 23.8 C (74.8F) Lows 5.2C (41.4F)

July Average Highs 26.1C (79F) Lows 12.8C (55F)

Population: 730,000

Elevation: 1,920 m (6,300 ft)

Founded: 1541 by Spanish Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza

Medical: Major hospitals, clinics, teaching facilities. Dentists, clinics etc.

Money: All Major Banks, ATMs



Getting there:

Drive: Highway 15 or 15D drive east of Guadalajara until the Morelia exit.



Morelia Hotels

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