Nautla, Veracruz

Nautla Map 1Nautla, Veracruz

Nautla COA“We have stayed in Casitas – the seaside part of Nutla – many times with our family and have enjoyed the Mexican families that camped along side of us. It is a fun Mexican vacation spot that caters to middle class Mexicans who want to get away from it all with their families.

There is a plethora of camping and RV options and likely you will be the only ones there if you stay during the weekday. During Semana Santa and Mexican holidays the place can fill up quickly. “

Nautla 1

Nautla 2Name: Nautla is from the Nahuatl language for Four Places

Location: On the Gulf Coast of Mexico

Weather: Very hot and humid in the summer. Warm winters.

January Average Highs 25.0C (77F) Lows 16.4C (61.5F)

July Average Highs 41.8C (107.2F) Lows 24.2C (75.6F)

Population: 10,000 people

Elevation:  Sea Level

Medical: Clinics, doctors, dentists.

Money: ATM

Nautla 3History:

This was originally a pre-Hispanic settlement inhabited by the Totonacs. The Indian name Nauh-tlan nahua that means “Four Places” in reference to four Indian settlements. At the time of conquest it was subject to harsh Aztec military rule.

In 1518, Juan de Grijalva crossed the Gulf from Champotón and called the area New Alemaria. Cortez makes reference to Nautla in a letter to the King of Spain.

The peoples of Nautla and other Totanic villages had an alliance with Cortez because of the Aztec cruelty. The Totonacs fought with the Spanish to overpower Cuauhpopoca (a tax collector for Moctezuma). The encounter took place between the Nautla and Misantla Rivers in the first Battle of Nautla. Nautla was sacked and burned. This was a pivotal event and led to the eventual execution of Moctezuma, his sons and fifteen other nobles.

In the middle of the 16th century, Juan de Rio was granted the basin territories of this region. By 1567 the area was developing as an agricultural / ranching area. In 1680, Nautla was established as a town. It was the site of battles during the insurgent uprising headed by Don Guadalupe in 1814.

In 1832 the nearby town of Jicalteec received 80 French settlers. Two more groups of 100 and 112 arrived and they scattered throughout the area predominantly in Nuatla. Today you can see the French influence in architecture, food and agriculture.

Nautla 5Today:

Nautla continues to be a farming and fishing community but is also one of the nearest beach communities for people from Mexico City. Tourism contributes greatly to the economy and a dozen or so camping spots and small motels cram the coast.

Costa Esmeralda has 35 kilometers of clean wide beaches and true to it’s name, lush intense green vegetation close to the rivers. The waves are friendly and the swimming is fine. Clam waters invite fishers and swimmers alike. Lay back and enjoy the easy lap of waves, a good book and the softer spring sunshine.

Highway 180, as it makes its way through gently through the area, is lined with small restaurants, hotels and fruit stands and cheese or Queso tasting casas along the roadside. The area is well known for the variety and tastes of the local cheeses.

nautla 4RV parks and simple tent camping is abundant. There are at least fourteen places to park your rig with the usually variety of cleanliness, services and facilities. Most have pools as well as being parked right on the Gulf waters.

There are supplies for campers along this highway 180 strip; basic foods, fish, beer and ice. Enjoy local cuisine, undoubtedly fish, served fresh and cheaply at local restaurants. A stop well worthwhile and an opportunity to mix with Mexican campers.

Nautla Map 2Getting there:

Reach Nautla by driving the gulf coast Highway 180 between the cities of Tuxpan and Veracruz.



Nautla Hotels

Playa Norte

Playa Paraisio Camping

Torre Molino RV Park

Playa Dorada Trailer Park

El Corsario

Nautla 6Playa Oriente El Pino

El Alemendro

Posada del Zorro Trailer Park

Quinta Alicia Trailer Park

Sun Beach

Neptuno RV Park

John’s Camping Club

Casitas del Tajin and RV Park

Hotel Coco Loco




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