Nogales, Arizona – Nogales, Sonora Border Crossing

Nogales downtown border map1Nogales, Arizona – Nogales, Sonora Border Crossing

There are 2 ports of entry here: the Downtown entry sometimes called the Deconcini Gate and the Mariposa entry. (Mariposa is best for folks in RV’s and for trucks. You can also avoid downtown traffic.) The following is for the downtown crossing.

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours

Phone: (520) 287-1410

Banjercito at KM 21 is open 24 hours 7 days a week

nogales border downtComments:

Conjested. Will NOT TAKE RV’s. This a downtown crossing.


Conjested. Will NOT TAKE RV’s. Paperwork is processed at KM 21.

nogales mapcheck21KM 21 Checkpoint

This is the place to obtain visas and vehicle permits and to return vehicle stickers. . There is easy parking and room for RVs.

There is a Banjercito – Army Bank – for you to apply and receive your vehicle permits. There is a booth for photocopying. When you receive your papers, put all your receipts and the wrapper from the vehicle permit into a safe place. (We put them into a baggie) You will need these when you return to the US. If you do not have them there is a fine and a few hour delay for you to return.

At the 21 checkpoint there is an opportunity to purchase pesos.

After you have obtained your permits and visas you will drive through an area with lanes indicating Nothing to Declare or Need to Declare. If you have nothing to declare over your customs limit choose the nothing to declare line. Otherwise take the Declare lanes.

nogales mapcheck 21When you drive though a light will randomly select red or green. If you get green, proceed; red means you must stop and talk to a migration officer.

Returning to the US

When you are returning to the US you must return your vehicle permit. To do so drive north to KM 21 and observe a Return you Vehicle Permit sign. You drive to a small booth, present your papers and get a receipt. Keep it.


To Mexico

Drive South on Highway 19 directly to the border. After crossing continue driving South on Highway 15 to KM 21 for your paperwork.


Drive North on Highway 15 to KM 21. Return your permits here. Then proceed to drive border through heavy downtown traffic.

Useful Information for this border crossing:

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