Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas

Nuevo Laredo Map 1Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas

Nuevo laredo COA“Nuevo Laredo is all about trade – both legal and illegal.
It is the gateway to the major trade artery between the US and Mexico. Money. Rail. Trucks. Border Crossings.
Illegal activity is plentiful too. Said to be the home of the most powerful and ruthless drug cartel – the Zetas – Nuevo Laredo is consistently on everyone’s “BE CAREFUL” lists.
For the average tourist Nuevo Laredo is typical of most border towns with colonial buildings, seedy areas of town, and nice friendly marketplaces.”

Dorothy Bell

Name: Nuevo Laredo means new Laredo in Spanish. New because after Texas separated, 17 families crossed the border (Rio Grande/Rio Bravo) because they wished to remain Mexican nationals. The meaning of Laredo could be a derivative of the indigenous name Glaretum which means “sandy, rocky place” or a Basque word meaning “beautiful pastures”.

Location: Nuevo Leon is located on the northern arm of the State of Tamaulipas right across the border (River Rio Grande or Rio Bravo) from Laredo Texas

Weather: Semi=arid climate.Quick changes in weather. Can experience drought or sudden violent storms.


January Average Highs 17.9C (64.2F) Lows 6.4C (43.5F)

July Average Highs 36.8C (98.2F) Lows 25.1C (77.2F)

Population: 374,000 City 637,000 Metro

Elevation: 130 meters

Founded: 1848

Medical: Major medical hospitals, doctors, dentists

Money: Major Banks



Getting there:

From San Antonio Texas drive south on US Highway 35.

From Monterrey drive north on Mex Highway 85 and 85D.


RV Parks nearby

Nuevo Laredo Map 2


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