Oaxaca, Oaxaca

Oaxaca Map 1Oaxaca, Oaxaca

Oaxaca coaOaxaca. Even the name makes my toes curl up with sweet anticipation.
It is a cultural mecca. It calls me back time and time again.

I can’t get enough of the central plaza. Sitting at a local café with a cerveza or coffee and watching the Oaxaca street life enfold before me. Vendors, musicians, street artists. Did I mention the out of tune xylophone?

I love the place.”

Dorothy Bell

Name: Oaxaca de Juárez is the official name. Oaxaca is derived from the Nahuatl name for the place, Huaxyacac, because in this area was abundant with guaje plants. Juarez was added to honor native son and Mexican President Benito Juarez.

Location: Located in the center of the Central Valley region of Oaxaca State on the foothills of the Sierra Madres.

Weather: Tropical savanna climate characterized by a wet and dry season. Rain from May to September.


January Average Highs 27.6C (81.7F) Lows 9.0C (48.2F)

July Average Highs 28.5C (83.3F) Lows 15.2C (59.4F)

Population: 301,000 City 650,000 Metro

Elevation: 1,555 m (5,102 ft)

Founded: 1532

Medical: Major hospitals, doctors, dentists

Money: Banks, ATMs



Getting there:

From Cuernavaca drive Southeast on Highway 190

From Tehuantepec drive Northwest on Highway 190



San Christobal de las Casas Hotels



Oaxaca Trailer Park

San Felipe Del Aqua Trailer Park

EL Tule (Just Outside Oaxaca)

Overlander Oasis

Oaxaca Map 2Oaxaca Zocalo and Good Inexpensive Accommodation

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