Oaxaca Zocalo and Inexpensive Accommodation

Oaxaca Zocalo and Good Inexpensive Accommodation

by Dorothy Belloaxacanightcathedral     

Oaxaca City is one of favorite places to stay in Mexico. There is always plenty to do and see and it is a great place to people watch and take pictures.

The Zocalo – main plaza – is about as nice a plaza as you will find in this country. Large shade trees keep the vendors and lovers at bay. When we first came here 25 years ago, cars were able to navigate around the square. Now it is pedestrian friendly and everyone just walks – saunters – around and around the plaza on the roadway which is then again encircled by numerous restaurants, a hotel, side of the church and municipal building= the Place of the Governor.

Shoeshine chairs are liberally placed throughout the square. Are there that many people that get their shoes shined?

There are many musicians who circle and circle the plaza. And the music and entertainment varies as musicians play two to three tunes collect their offerings and then move slightly more around the square. Lone guitarists are common here as are xylophones. I am particularly fond of the bamboo flautists who inevitably play some Paul Simon Tunes, “I’d rather be a hammer than a nail….” “Mrs. Robinson.”

Vendors join in on the great walking carousel, selling beads, necklaces and earrings. The items are not limited to trinkets. Gum, cookies, candies. Shawls, baskets, colorful bookmarks and toothpicks. Children peddle their family’s wares and learn the trade of the street early.

Did I mention the shoe shine boys?

It is always busy. Usually someone is protesting something in front of the Governor’s Palace. Tents are often set up but you can be guaranteed big colorful banners full of revolution. Full of passion.

The church is lit up in the evening and the Zocalo remains lively with families. Children pester their parents for lightweight Weiner shaped balloons that are 6 feet high. They bounce on the pavement and zip up to the sky. I suppose entertaining them for hours.

Bill and I return to the Zocalo year after year and ponder the changes to Mexican culture as well as reminisce about times we have spent under the magic of these old trees. “Do you remember the time with Tony and Adel and Devlin……” or “I wrote my first love letter to you from that corner….”

The Perfect Apartment For US in Oaxaca

We have found the perfect place to stay when we are in Oaxaca. It rents by the week and month. It is called the “Al Sol Apartments” It is clean, inexpensive and well managed. Every studio has a small equipped kitchenette and bathroom.

 www.oaxaca-apartments.com/ or email alsolapartments@gmail.com

 About 8 or 10 blocks from the Zocalo, we use the daily walk as part of our daily exercise routine. A large Chedraui grocery store is about four blocks away where we can walk and pick up our groceries.



 All studios have a table and living room furniture


Most apartments face an inner courtyard


The apartment complex is home to many travelers that stay an extended period of time. There are many language schools here and other educational offerings that make Oaxaca an extended stay destination. There of course is the magnificent Monte Alban archeological site nearby as well as many more ancient ruins within an hour drive.

oaxacastudio2oaxacastudio4There are 12 separate units in the Al Sol Apartments; mostly studios but also 3 one bedrooms. The prices are very economical and include a tiny two burner stove /oven, fridge, coffee maker, dinnerware and cooking utensils.

Small studios rent by the week from 2,100 pesos or by the month for 4,650 pesos. Apartments are 3000 per week or 6,800 per month. Utilities, WIFI and a weekly cleaning and linen service are also included.

oaxacastudio3There is a large terrace on the top with a 360 degree view. Perfect for lounging during the day or having a nightcap in the evening.



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This trip the owners have added a beautiful cappuccino bar right on the corner. You can get your favorite caffeinated beverage as well as a small selection of well-priced breakfast.

(Eggs Mexicana for 45 pesos for example.) On street parking is usually available and so far very safe.

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