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Sonora Mexico

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Going South Down Mexico's West Coast

Santa Ana and Benjamin Hill

By Dorothy Bell Share |

This is second in a series about towns and cities along Highway 15 and 200 as you drive south in Mexico - Santa Ana and Benjamin Hill.

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Magdalena de Kino

by Dorothy Bell  Share |

(This is the first of a series of articles that we are writing about the towns and cities you might wish to explore as you head South down Highway 15 and 200. If you have favorite place to stay or eat in any of the locations, please write us and we will include it in future edits.)

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Information about Puerto Penasco, Mexico

Puerto Penasco - Rocky Point Mexico hotels An Oasis near You
Rocky Point is Exciting, Intense and fun. It’s an oasis of beaches, dunes and the place which can fulfill your desires, mixing emotion and adventure every moment. Rocky Point is located 63 miles from the border with USA, on the northwest part of the state of Sonora, and only 3 hours far from Tucson, AZ.

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Information about Hermosillo, Mexico

Hermosillo Mexico hotels Founded in 1700 to hold the Seri indians back and to protect the hispanic expansion. It’s original name was Santísima Trinidad del Pitic which was given by its founder, the “Alferez Juan Bautista Escalante”.

Hermosillo hasn’t lost its traditional essence as a Mexican province. As the Capital of the State since 1879, it offers the visitor all the comfort of a large city. Hermosillo is characterized by its modern urbanism which blends old buildings with great province taste. Among the historical constructions, the Government Palace outstands. Famous for its wonderful murals portraying historic events, as well as for the statues of General Ignacio Pesqueira and García Morales. It is located in front of the flowery garden of the Zaragoza Square and its morisco kiosk.

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Information about San Carlos, Mexico

San Carlos Mexico hotelsSan Carlos is one of the main tourist attraction in the state of Sonora, Mexico, located just 1 hour drive from the state’s capital Hermosillo and 248Km (154 Miles) from the border with United States (state of Arizona), in the northwest of Mexico. San Carlos is a lovely Mexican resort that offers something for everyone. For water sports enthusiasts, there are beautiful sand beaches, spectacular diving and snorkeling, kayaking, and offshore fishing.

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Faces of Mexico

San Carlos

by Dorothy and Bill Bell




San Carlos or Nuevo Guaymas is a seaside haven with a population about 3,000 swelling to 7,000 residents in high season. 70% are American and Canadian. This graceful resort and residential area is known for its beautiful beaches and vistas of the San Carlos Bay. It has a decidedly American influence and differs sharply from its twin city of Guayamas only a 10 minute drive south down the highway. San Carlos is only a  four hour - 250 mile drive from the border towns on Highway 15- a four lane divided highway. There are four toll stations along the way. You will immediately notice Tetakawi hill with its brilliant gold color - the informal symbol of the city.

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El Mirador, a great little RV Park on the Sonora's southern Coast of MexicoDylan Bell at el Mirador RV Park Sonora Mexico Bill Bell Photograph

We discovered this spot on our journey up the pacific coast, west of the town of Navojoa Sonora, its not crowded, the Sea of Cortez beaches are great and the owner of the new RV park is extra is a slide show of the park and surrounding area with the photography taken by Edith.  Click Here to view...

El Mirador RV Park click here


Highway Mexico 2 to Northern Mexico Sonora  Bill Bell Photograph

Mexico Highway 2 Photographs by Bill and Dot Bell

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Highway Mexico 2 to Northern Mexico Sonora  Bill Bell Photograph Highway Mexico 2 to Northern Mexico Sonora  Dot Bell Photograph Highway Mexico 2 to Northern Mexico Sonora  Bill Bell Photograph


Highway Mexico 2 to Northern Mexico Sonora  Bill Bell Photograph  Highway Mexico 2 to Northern Mexico Sonora  Bill Bell Photograph Highway Mexico 2 to Northern Mexico Sonora  Bill Bell Photograph Highway Mexico 2 to Northern Mexico Sonora  Bill Bell Photograph


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Lukeville Sonora Border Crossing


Mexico Highway 2 between Mexicali Baja California and Santa Anna, Sonora Photographs








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31 lb dorado Caught by Captain Frank Percival, Dorothy and Bill Bell







Fishing for Dorado in Mexico


The Santa Rosalia Ferry on the dock at Santa Rosalia








Santa Rosalia/ Guaymas Ferry

From the Baja to the Mainland


Los Galleria

An amazing collection of Bill Bell's Mexican Photos


La Pesca

A small fishing community on the Gulf Coast





A story about Peacocks! Topes! and Low Overhangs!



It can come at the strangest of times when you least expect it....Blame it on the Gypsies


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