Mapa Puerto Escondido México

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Mapa Puerto Escondido México



Faces of Mexico – Puerto Escondido

by Bill & Dorothy Bell


Drive 6 hours South of Acapulco on Highway 200 to one of our very favorite beach spots in the world – Puerto Escondido. “Puerto” is a laid back resort community and unlike any of its big city sisters.

 Playa Principal


Bill tries his hand surfing the Mexican Pipeline

There are no golden Arches; Kentucky fried anything, or Whoppers. It has a more Mex-European feel to it, with many Italian restaurants and other international influences. No wonder. As the movie “Night of the Iguana” put Puerto Vallarta on the map, the Italian film “Puerto Escondido” put this former shipping village on the international radar screen.

Puerto Escondido or hidden port is a series of coves and bays stretching along the Pacific Ocean. Each beach, depending on the geographical setting has developed a community feel and responding services. Playa Zicatela “the Mexican Pipeline,” is one of the world’s best surfing beaches and hosts an International Surfing Competition annually in November. This area attracts young surfers and backpackers from throughout the globe. Services include surf shops, hammock rentals, coffee shops, tattoo and body piercing parlor.


The next beach north is Playa Principal. The waves strike at a significantly different angle, are much calmer and suitable for boogie boarding, family swims and boating.

Playa Principal


A small cove north is the twin beaches of Playa Manzanilla and Puerto Angelito. These are beaches are protected waters that make boating king. There are many Palapa style restaurants that serve up the catch of the day, just minutes off the hook.

Again North, Playa Carrazilillo offers a romantic corner of beach accessible by boat or by the steep 167 step stairway leading down to the jade-green waters. Restaurants serve up great portions of beer, lobster and fish.

Puerto Escondido once offered very good RV services but the main RV Park has closed and is now selling condo and home lots. The remaining RV parking is poor quality and unsuitable for larger rigs. Don’t despair. There is plenty of apartments and condos available in the 4-5000 peso a month category that will meet your budget.

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Norte al Sur


 El Acampar


Hostel Shalom

Cabanas de Cortez


Neptune Trailer Park

Playa Rio











Puerto Escondido


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