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Pie de la Cuesta

 An interactive road map with camping, RV, golf and other points of interest

Click on any area you wish to explorePie de Cuesta Map Near Acapulco Mexico

Map Features:

North to South


RV Parks


Los Delfines


Playa Luces


Quinta Dora


Acapulco Trailer Park











New RV Park near Acapulco Mexico

Here is what we can tell you about the park in written form, along with a couple of pictures, (a picture is worth a thousand words? They say) First the directions to here are the same as to the Old KOA (Playa Luces).  From there keep going past to Kilometer 9.6 and a yellow gate on your left marked by a flag “Sol y Arena”, ring the bell for attendant.

This little park was completed this summer and early fall, and is now ready for 4 big rigs RVs (our unit is 40 with a motorcycle rack making us 44 ft. 6 in. and we had no trouble to get in and situated on the lot.) Each lot is a “back in variety” and of a good size for awnings and lawn chairs, and good living area that is not crowded. Approximate lot size is 32 wide by 50 plus or minus long, each has a power pedestal, c/w one -  20 amp breaker  and std two duplex boxes with 2 prong plugs c/w ground all properly installed, one -  40 amp breaker and power outlet box, (wired for 30 amp RV plugs).  Each site has a 5 ft. diameter x 2 ft 6in deep personal dipping pool, palapa and interlocking patio.  Sites are nicely ornate with newly planted hedges of flowering bushes on both sides and back to give more privacy in future when grown. So far in the three days we have been here the power is a steady and even source of 118 volt… no noticeable spikes or drops. There is plenty of water to be had…. for pool filling and RV.  We personally have a RO system with our own booster pump and we have no trouble filling our tank… I have check and would expect for norNew Rv Park

mal filling of tanks the pressure, however, is not extreme but sufficient for filling even with a simple filter system.  Water seems to clean and clear, with no odors. The Sewer connections are nicely placed mid ship of lot, and on drivers side when backed in for ease of both big rigs and trailers. The gated entrance and drive way in is narrow but well packed, the gate is closed all the time and there is a bell buzzer for the attendant, the family at gate are present 24 hr a day and we feel very secure.  The gate to the beach is also gated and locked at night. Spanish is spoken, however, we, a couple of Canadians, are here for the winter and will help out with English, and Spanglish.. ha! The beach and the pounding surf is a short walk past the bungalows and main pool, ( which is delightfully clean ) has a palapa with hammocks for day use, also on bungalow side there are two jetted tubs for a Jacuzzi with a possible wine and sun set viewing??? Nearly too good to be true, for sure! The beach offers miles and miles of nice sand both wet and dry to walk on…. Ocean swimmers would want to be strong ones at this time of year.  It is quiet and away from the hustle and bustle…..of the city, or towns, but if you want that it is a short drive away. For details on availability and cost please contact Maria del Pilar Orozco, Mexico telephone number (55) 58 77 16 90 or (55) 58 77 18 90.  Acapulco telephone number (744) 444 40 91 or Cell 55 40 85 41 18

On line at or property 144772

Email or


As a note Pilar intends to complete 12 pristine sites as described above in the near future.


Nogales to Salina Cruz Road Log and Driving Guide

We are confident that our road logs and driving guides will make your highway experiences just that much better and easier. Regardless of whether you are driving an RV or a suburban, a bike or a pick-up, our road logs will assist your journey. Even 20 year veterans of the route have benefited from the information.

The KM markings are the markings that you will see as you drive. It doesn't matter if your vehicle reads in miles or kilometers. You just read the signs on the road to get your bearings. Sometimes one highway combines with another and old kilometer signs are left up. Not to worry, just continue to read the guide.

Some of the best navigation points are the Pemex Station numbers clearly marked on all gas station signs. Topes (Mexican speed bumps) are marked in the guide just to remind you to go slow. We included Military and Agriculture check points even though we know these can change frequently. (Generally they are on one side of the state border or another between the Mexican states.)






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