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 The West Coast



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The Sea of Cortez to the Wild Pacific

Highway 2 cuts across the US and Mexican border just north of the Sea of Cortez and meets Highway 15 almost 250 KMs south of Tucson Arizona. The Highway 2 continues to jump along the border from  joining the towns and cities of Agua Prieta, Janos and Ciudad Juarez.

Explore the West Coast of Mexico from the border all the way down the coast to the state of Chiapas and the Guatemalan Border. Mexico's Pacific Coast - On The Road In experiences towns and cities, campgrounds, RV Parks and golf spots along the Pacific as Highway 15 and then Highway 200 snake their  way southward.

Follow Highway 15 directly south from Santa Anna through Hermosillo and onward to the twin coastal communities of San Carlos and Guaymas. From here the highway gently follows the coast in a south easterly direction all the way past Mazatlan. In Tepic, the capital of the state of Nayarit,  Highway 15 moves inland past Tequila and Guadalajara to Mexico City.

Highway 200 emerges at the Tepic junction and continues down the Pacific, hugging the coast past deserted beaches and world class resorts. Puerto Vallarta. Ixtapa. Mazanillo. Acapulco. Puerto Escondido. Pick the beach location to suit your mood - from the authentic Mexican seaside surf spot of Playa Azul or flashy Acapulco. Visit Italian influenced Puerto Escondido or the retro- Rasta community of Puerto Angel.

These are more than just names of beach towns. You can expect to find incredible variety of communities offering the inquisitive traveler a plethora of adventure and experiences.

The coastal communities have unique characters: you can find hotel accommodation from 5 star to very basic. Places to camp are plentiful. RV Parks seem to outnumber hotels in Puerto Penasco as they do in Bahia Kino. In the major resort community of Mazatlan, Puerto Vallarta,  Ixtapa and Acapulco you have a choice of campgrounds and RV Parks as well as golf courses.

This route is not without it's colonial touch. You can also explore Alamos, for example, with it's haciendas and grand and gracious past. Or you can take a break from the beach and head inland to Guadalajara, the second largest city in Mexico. Or Oaxaca .....the list is endless.

The Pacific route can give a variety of experiences for the curious traveler: Some of the Mexico's best beaches and a taste of the colonial past. Golf. Fishing and an ocean of excitement

On The Road In is an interactive travel guide. After your visit write us and let us know about your wonderful discoveries. Correct our prices. Share your favorite restaurants, motels, hotels, and watering holes along the way. Add a comment or two about a town you discovered.

Hasta luego,

Dot and Bill Bell



Mexico Highway 2 Photographs by Bill aHighway Mexico 2 to Northern Mexico Sonora  Bill Bell Photographnd Dot Bell

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Band Band Crossing Mexico Highway 15 Mazatlan to Tepic Photography by Dorothy Bell

Mexico Highway 15 Mazatlan to Tepic Photography

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Lusch green fileds south of Tepic Mexico Highway 200 Tepic to Puerto Vallarta Photography

Mexico Highway 200 Tepic to Puerto Vallarta Photography

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Baja Ferries La Paz Baja to Mazatlan Sinaloa Photography

Baja Ferries La Paz Baja to Mazatlan Sinaloa Photography

Mazatlan Sinaloa Mexico Photography

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