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The vast majority of the photographs that appear on these web pages were taken with a variety Canon DSLR cameras.  Other cameras used include a Nikon Coolpix 995, Canon EOS3 and 2 and a Pentax 640N.  The photographs have been edited in Photoshop.

Although the vast majority of the photographs are taken by me, Bill Bell, all members of the family are familiar with the cameras having been brought up with a snap happy parent.  Those submitted are noted.

I’m always asked which camera I prefer to use while on the road in Mexico.  Each camera has its own particular use, but my favorite for digital work is the Canon D-series.  I t allows me great flexibility in the use of EOS Canon lens.   I’ve had to learn that it is not as rugged as other Canon Film Cameras as it is a digital that opens up to allow the exchange of lens.  This means that I have to be extra careful in humid climates or areas where dust and sand are in abundance (read beach RV sites in Mexico). 

For most camera buffs traveling in an RV in Mexico I would recommend a digital camera without the exchangeable lens like the Canon Powershot or Nikon Coolpix.  Fewer problems with condensation forming on the inside of your camera mirror when you leave your air-conditioned unit into the humid and hot outdoors.   You also don’t have to worry as much about sand or dust getting into the inside of your camera when you change your lens (no lens to change).

Although I still prefer to use film, the fact that the majority of photographs I take are now being used solely on the web or in newspapers where the digital resolution is more than adequate and fulfils the vast majority of my needs with many conveniences not available with the use of film.  No film, no dark room, and immediate post evaluation of the photograph.

Travel photography is quickly becoming synonymous with digital as it allows the traveler to email back pictures to family, friends and co workers replacing the once common but slow postcards from paradise.

I welcome any opportunity to talk about photography and Mexico. Please feel free to write me directly.




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