Piste Yuctan

Piste map 1Piste Yuctan

“A dry, hot, small town that caters to tourists who are visiting Chichen Itza. A one industry town.

It has a few very nice hotels and a few hostel places too but in of itself is not that much to explore.”

Dorothy Bell

Name: Piste was likely just a suburb of Chichen itza (only 2.5 kilometers from the ruins) It is first mentioned in 1788 by tax collectors.

Location: Located between Merida and Cancun in the interior of the Northern Yucatan Peninsula. West of Valladolid

Weather: Hot in the summer. Hot winters.



January Average Highs 29.8C (85.6F) Lows 17.1C (62.8F)

July Average Highs 34.6C (94.3F) Lows 22.2C (72)

Population: Approximately 5,500

Elevation:  10 meters (30 ft)

Founded: Populated during the time of conquest as part of Chichen Itza

Medical: Clinics, doctors, dentists

Money: ATMs



Piste map 2Getting there:

From Cancun: Drive 180D West. 202 kilometers approximately 2 hours



Piste Hotels

Piste/Chichen Itza

Piramide Inn Resort

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