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Queretero coa

We have stayed in Queretaro many times and enjoy the many plazas downtown. There are lots of restaurants surrounding some of the plazas, statues and park benches.
There is also quite a few modern shopping centers where residents can stock up with supplies.

Dorothy Bell

Photographs by Bill Bell

Name: Queretaro means place of the great people.

Location: Located in Central Mexico to the south of San Luis Potosi and to the North of Mexico City.

Weather: Queretaro has a semiarid climate with rainfall from June to September. Moderate temperatures year round. May is the warmest month.


January Average Highs 23.0C (73.4F) Lows 7.1C (44.8F)

July Average Highs 26.9C (80.4F) Lows 13.9C (57F)

Population: 805,000 City/municipality 1,100,00 metro

Elevation: 1,820 m (5,970 ft)

Founded: 25 July 1531

Medical: Major Hospital

Money: Major Banks, ATMs



Getting there:

On the Crossroasds of Highway 57 from Mexico City to the South and San Luis Potosi to the North. It is also linked to Highway 45 from Leon and Guanajuato.


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