Routes and Driving Distances in Mexico

Routes and Driving Distances throughout Mexico

Buy a good map; Guia Roji is the best in our experience. Spluge. Determine where you want to go and what highways will lead you there. See below for the links to all the distance charts and routes.

We have divided the country into the most common routes taken by tourists (see major routes below) . For general planning purposes, count on getting 60 KMS per hour average on the toll or major highways. If you have an RV reduce that to 55 KMS per hour. If you are off the toll roads then reduce those numbers by 5 KMS per hour. Reduce even further if you are traveling the west coast on black roads through the mountains i.e. Mazatlan to Durango, Puerto Escondido to Oaxaca.

The coast to interior minor highways are steep, curvy and often in poor repair. A rig larger than 32 ft would have some difficulty making some of the hairpin curves on these roads. We have had severe motion sickness coming down some of the routes and need a long break at the end of the journey just to gain our momentum. Rigs often have to make numerous stops just to cool their brakes. If possible we suggest taking tolls roads from the West Coast to the Interior. They are safer, quicker and less curvy.

We have driven all kinds of roads and routes with our RV but as always strongly suggest you start your drive early and stop early. Don’t drive at night. Smell the roses and explore. There are amazing things to explore along the way.

Many people are unfamiliar with the Gulf route. It is a great route to travel. It has few tolls and is not as commercialized or Americanized as other areas. We recommend people take this route as they make their way to the Yucatan and then drive another route on the way back. We strongly recommend that people explore the colonial cities; the heart and soul of Mexico.

If you are a beach lover….well there is just too much to choose from. Beaches lined with cactus in the Baja, jungles on the west coast, clear Caribbean waters on the Yucatan…Beaches just can’t get any better. Take a drive down one of the coastal routes and return through the interior for a more diverse experience.

Enjoy the ride.

Bill and Dot

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