Why RV in Mexico

Why RV in Mexico

MEXICO – On the Road In leads you to safe and enjoyable camping throughout this amazing country. We think you will agree with us that camping in Mexico is an exciting adventure once you have experienced the diversity of the land and the charm of the people. Plan and enjoy this country from coast to coast and every stop along the way.

Experience a Different Culture

chichensunMexico is so different! As soon as you drive across the border the sights and sounds change. For those of you who have flown into Mexico, you know what a shock it is to your system when you disembark. All your senses pick up at once.

Pyramid “El Castillo” with a Chacmool in the foreground at Chichén Itzá

The smells. From taco stands to “carbon” chickens. The tropical flowers and trees. The ocean breezes. The humidity and heat curl around and somehow this tropical wave, intense aroma, tackles you and surprises you when you least expect it.

The climate. The weather is fantastic and the beaches are endless. Desert beaches and tropical beaches. Palm lined deserted beaches to urban resort beaches. Enjoy all the toys and water sports including swimming, fishing, surfing, boogie boarding, snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing to name a few.

dancerfanThe climate in much of the interior is mild and springtime warm – enjoyable year round.

Folkloric Dancer performing in Guadalajara

The language. Yes you can get by using English and hand gestures. Many Mexican schools teach English, so usually with a couple of words here and a couple of words there, you can communicate with a native Mexican.

The Art. The statues, murals, paintings. Many of Mexico’s cities, Guanajuato or Pátzcuaro are urban art unto themselves. A virtual photographers paradise.

The History. Mexico’s history dominates the culture everywhere you go. It seems like every city and town has a Benito Juarez Street, a Hidalgo Boulevard and an Avenue de las Revolution…Explore the ancient cultures – the builders of pyramid cities and calendars  – to the conquistadores – ripping, conquering and discovering this land.

Revolution after revolution. Reform after reform. Mexico’s history is exciting and remembered everywhere. Every town has some significant tribute to a general or a war or a hero.

You Can Drive to Mexico

You can drive to Mexico. If you drive just three more hours past Disneyland in your car or RV, you can be right at the Tijuana border crossing. oldcars

  Old but beautiful cars parked in Leon




Driving has advantages. When you fly in you rarely explore past the resort areas.

You stay at a hotel, often an all inclusive, and you eat resort city food. If you rent a car in Mexico you will find that it is expensive (economy car $50-70 per day) and we have been less than pleased with the condition of the vehicle on a number of our trips.

endlessbeachesWhen you drive you can explore. Take a road that isn’t as well traveled. You will be able to enjoy the “getting there” as well as the numerous destinations along the way. If you find something of interest you can stop. Smell the roses and vamoose when you want.

As an Rver you will have even more advantages. You will be able to cook some of the most fantastic seafood you have ever tasted in your own mobile kitchen. Spice it up with your special sauces. You will get to shop where Mexicans shop. Stores yes, but also markets, specialty markets – such as the Ensenada Fish market. You will find that there are a number of merchants, vegetable, fish etc. that often drive from campsite to campsite, selling their goods. As an RVer you are in control of your water. No guessing.

Driving an RV ensures you sleep in your own bed and have your familiar surroundings and supplies. You can stretch a holiday from a 2 week vacation into a 2 month or longer trip. Budgets just stretch farther in an RV.

 Mexico Has Great Weather

Sunny and hot weather is a key attraction. When it is 20 below in Manitoba, snowing in Montreal or New York, raining in Victoria or Seattle – it’s heaven to be basking away on the Caribbean or Sea of Cortez beach smiling smugly about the weather back home.

BBaja Conceptionahía Concepción


What most people haven’t discovered about Mexico is the diversity of weather. In the summer one of the best places to be is Guadalajara and other interior Colonial cities.


playa Requesion

Sunrise over Playa Requesón on the Baja

There is nothing quite like the warm tropical breezes when it is melting down on the coast. We were surprised one Christmas in Mexico City when it snowed. Even more surprised when the temperature went down to below 0 in Chihuahua.

Canadian and American snowbirds usually flock to Mexico for the endless days of bright sunny weather. The only thing you seem to need to shovel is a little bit of sand.

 Endless Beaches

punta ArenaMexico has an endless variety of beaches. Playas. There is something for everyone who enjoys a bit of salt water, a few palm trees and some sand.

There is also an endless variety of activities that you can enjoy on some of the beaches. MEXICO – On The Road In  will help you determine just the right spot for you to camp and enjoy fishing, surfing, parasailing, snorkeling or diving. When you drive to Mexico you can bring your own boat, rod or scuba equipment enjoy your sport on any number of beaches.

Other beaches on Bahía Concepción

Best yet is waking up each morning and watching the waves roll in as you sip your morning coffee. You shuffle the lawn chair beside your rig and become mesmerized by the ocean vistas. Another day in paradise.

Inexpensive Camping

punta ArenaMexico is not the bargain it once was but it is still a relatively inexpensive country to travel. Camping saves money on accommodation and even more money on food.

Playa Punta Arena

We don’t advocate eating every meal in your rig, but we do think it is a lot of fun and saves loads of cash when you create magical meals using Mexican regional ingredients.

catusbeachThe accommodation is reasonable. Generally for a no-hook-up beach camp, the fee is approximately $7 US per night. For a full-hook-ups beach camp, the fee is approximately 25 -30 US per night for 2 people. In resort community, an RV Park with swimming pools, Jacuzzi’s, recreation complexes can cost over $25 per night but is still good value compared to camping at home or renting a room in the same complex. Of course you can get a bargain by staying a month or more.

The Adventure of It All

While we enjoy flying in and out of Mexico for short sweet vacations, we love the adventure of traveling through Mexico with our mobile casa. We are in control of our time and therefore being the authors of our story, meet more people and experience more adventures when we travel and camp.

  sunon playaWe wouldn’t have stopped at nearly as many out of the way places or camped in remote locations. Traveling by RV becomes an adventure that would be impossible to experience while staying exclusively at an all inclusive resort.

We go to Mexico to enjoy Mexico, and so far, RVing is the way we like exploring Mexico best.

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