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Packing the Rig for Mexico Tips – Clothing

Everyone is so different. If I had one credo for packing for Mexico it would be “There is no such thing as too many bathing suits or shorts.” Pack these in abundance because they take up such little space.

Often larger sizes are not available in shops and markets. At home my size 9 feet are slightly above average. In Mexico size 9’s ladies are hard to get. I will always remember going from shoe store to shoe store in Guadalajara and getting told my feet were “mucho grande.” Unfortunately I couldn’t buy a pair of dress shoes for a special dinner that night. I had to reply on a pair of men’s sandals that were too big and out of place. Not a disaster but still it was a special night. And the shoes in Guadalajara are so very beautiful!!!!


If you are primarily planning a beach holiday, take everything that you would if you were doing the same type of vacation in your home country. Do not rely on buying it in Mexico.

I strongly recommend women pack a few different bathing suits for their vacation. While resort communities sell bathing suits, they are often the smaller sizes for very young women and are often extremely expensive. Additional bathing suits allow you to wear a fresh dry one while the other is on the line. I pack a few because I use them as tops and throw around a wrap-around skirt to laze away the days.

 RincondeGuayabitosBeach scene in Rincon de Guayabitos

Pack a pair of sandals and a pair of flip flops. I always pack at least two pairs of sandals for everyone in case of loss or emergency.

You can count on buying t-shirts everywhere. Shorts and wrap skirts are also sold in most locations. I strongly suggest when you purchase other clothing items in Mexico to carefully project yourself into a setting back home. Would you really wear that outfit? How many serapes do you really need?

We had a closet full of ponchos and tops from early visits.

Night Out

We pack clothes and shoes for all family members to enjoy special dinners or events. While less formal than dining at home, we dine at places that would frown on bathing suits and flip flops. We enjoy getting dressed up especially after extensive rugged camping or boon docking.

Bill packs a light sports jacket and although I cannot remember the last time he wore a tie in Mexico. Adam our 16 year old takes a pair of Dockers, a button shirt and real shoes.

Our daughter Dylan and I pack a fancy dress or skirt for a night on the town. Pack shoes to go with the outfit!

Cultural Spots, Churches and Cathedrals

Respect the Mexican Culture. Do not wear shorts into church. Wear shoes or at least sandals. Women should pack a light skirt for this very reason. Pack one that can be rolled up and tucked into a camera bag pocket or purse for emergencies. Too often we spot a wonderful cathedral or church on a walk and we can’t enter because we are wearing shorts. A shame because the art is magnificent and the experience is memorable.

GuanajuatorooftopScene in Guanajuato

Beach attire is not acceptable outside of the resort area. Wear shorts, skirts and t-shirts in the city – not bathing suits. I wear a bathing suit and shorts while we travel in the vehicle but throw on a t-shirt for agricultural or military inspections or for shopping and pit stops along the road.

Clothing List

  1. Shorts (5 pair)
  2. Bathing suit (2 at least)
  3. Beach attire (wrap skirts, cover-ups etc)
  4. A pair of jeans or long pants
  5. Sweats
  6. Tops or t-shirts (4 +)
  7. Casual skirt or pants (for city and church)
  8. Dinner out clothes
  9. Long sleeve sweater or lightweight jacket ( if traveling in the cold season)
  10. Underwear
  11. Beach shoes or sandals
  12. Sneakers or walking shoes
  13. Dress casual shoes or sandals
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