RV Packing – Electrical and Small Appliances

Packing the Rig for Mexico Tips – Electrical and Small Appliances

A big hint from an expat years ago was to “Bring everything you need with a cord.” We used to live by that credo. But things are changing in Mexico and small appliance prices have come down. The problem now is warranties, parts and service.

Fans, electric toothbrush, shaver, hair dryer, fan, cooking grill, TV, computers, printer, CD player. We take it all in the RV. The considerations are weight, space and amount of use. On one trip I lugged around an electric rotisserie that was very bulky and took up a lot of space. I rarely used it. Rotisserie chicken is sold in nearly every town and is cheaper and better than I could make myself. So learn as you go.

Appliances I wouldn’t travel without

  1. Fans
  2. Blow dryer
  3. Computer and printer

Also worth considering:

  1. TV/VCR
  2. TV Satellite dish (Canadian Shaw works everywhere)
  3. Music player (CD, personal stereos)

Cooking appliances:

  1. BBQ (propane or electric) with the highest BTU’s you can get
  2. Blender
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