RV Packing – Kids Onboard

Packing for the Kids Onboard

Kids get bored and they just don’t appreciate the scenery as much as adults do. We bring stuff for the kids to do so they won’t fight, will learn something and at the very least, will keep them entertained.

As crazy as it sounds we bring DVD’s – a vast improvement as we didn’t need the TV and just used our portable computer to play the discs. We bring portable computers as Bill and I both write and need our own station. The kids use the computers while driving.

Some%20GirlsWe additionally pack a game system (Play station), game boards, crossword puzzles, magazines and books. A big rule is that the kids plan and pack a novel a month to bring and read. Again we have lots of playing cards for family tournaments of CRAZY EIGHTS or ONE EYED JACKS.

Some girls in Playa Azul

We have traveled with our kids from infant through to young adult. The main thing is to get them to bring things that will occupy the time and interest them. If a toddler colors at home, bring the crayons. Bring recorded songs and stories.

If this sounds like we spoil our kids and that we bring them too much stuff then you are probably right. On the other hand, we have taught our kids to love travel and be curious. We benefit because they don’t fight. At least as much.

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