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Packing the Rig for RV Supplies

There are no Camping Worlds in Mexico or other RV supply houses. Before you leave imagine to yourself that there was nowhere to get anything to replace or repair in your rig. That is what it is like in Mexico.

Your sewer hose get broken? You will have to improvise. They carry PVC. Your fridge goes? Well there are repair men that are familiar with gas but there is nowhere in Mexico that we know of that carries RV appliances.

Before you cross the border, get a full tune up, make sure your filters are changed and get you oil replaced. Diagnose any potential problems. It is much easier getting things accomplished in the US or in Canada as parts are widely available.

Mechanics are generally inexpensive and resourceful but they do need parts.

Check with your rig manufacturer before you leave to see if motorized parts and accessories are readily available in Mexico. Mexico has Ford and Chevy dealers for example. The question is whether they would carry parts for your rig. Even if they do carry parts, Bill strongly suggests you take along oil and air filters. There are lots of great places to change your oil, but getting the right filter may be a problem.

And as you would for a long trip into your own country, take an assortment of tools and bits and pieces. Fan belts, bolts, washers etc.

Take a voltage meter as the power in Mexico is sometimes way out of whack. We plugged into 220 once and it blew out a TV/VCR as well as our microwave. An expensive lesson.

  1. Voltage meter
  2. Tools including screwdrivers, wrenches, etc.
  3. Fan belts
  4. Oil filters
  5. Air filters

Of course bring a spare tire. Mexico does not have the same truck grade tires that we do although there are many places to get tires repaired. 

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