San Agustín (Patron Saint of Puebla)

San Agustín (Patron Saint of Puebla)

SanAugustinAlso known as Augustine of Hippo, St. Augustine the Blessed

November 13, 354 – August 28, 430(430-08-28) (aged 75)  

Algerian theologian and later bishop in Algeria (Hippo Regius) Augustine is considered an important and early church father, producing complex writings and ideas about Christianity that formed the foundation of Christian teachings and practices.

Augustine was noted for living a fast life which included parties, promiscuity, ambition for selfish reasons. He took a concubine and had a child out of wedlock. He eventually converted to Christianity and as one of the most intellectual minds of the time, devoted his existence to writing, teaching and preaching.

Much of present day ideology of just war, original sin, divine grace, abortion and women in the church. He is the patron saint of theologians, brewers, printers, the alleviation of sore eyes,


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