San Antonio Abad

SanAntonioAbadaSan Antonio Abad

January 17

San Antonio Abad, Patron Saint of Animals

Also Known as San Antonio the Abbott or Saint Anthony of the Desert

San Antonio Abad is a religious observance in Mexico where pets and livestock are blessed.

San Antonio was an Egyptian Monk born in 251 who was tempted in the dessert by demons in the shape of animals. He can be identified in art as an older man wearing a monks robe with a pig at his feet.

Depending on the location and custom, people will bring pets – usually dogs and cats but also snakes, birds and ferrets into the church in the late afternoon. Farmers will take their cattle or horses outside the church to receive the saints blessing and ensure the animals wellbeing. The animals and pets are decorated with flowers and ribbons.

Mexico City Subway Station 

San Antonio Abad is an underground station on the Mexico City underground system. It is line # 2 and identified as the Blue Line.



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