San Felipe Baja California

San Felipe Baja California

Photography by Bill Bell


San Felipe is great place to visit at any time. The weather is perfect for camping and RVing at one of the many RV and camping locations.  Photographs are by Bill Bell

SanFelipe5San Felipe is a town on the Gulf of California (Sea of Cortez) in the Mexican state of Baja California, 190 km south of the United States border and within the municipality of Mexicali.

Temperatures in San Felipe average approximately 24°C year-round. The seven-meter tides expose a kilometer of ocean floor. San Felipe experiences one of the largest tidal bores in the world due in part to the Colorado River Delta to the north.

SanFelipe2The port of San Felipe is a small town historically economically dependent on fishing and now on tourism, catering mostly to U.S. travelers and containing an international airport. San Felipe is located in a unique ecosystem, where the desert meets the sea.

SanFelipe4Temperatures range from a nocturnal winter low of 4°C to 46°C in the shade during July and August. The Bay of San Felipe is 3 meters above sea level. At low tide, the water can recede as much as 2 km.


The population of San Felipe was 14,831 at the 2005 census, and can increase by up to 5,000 during the presence of American part-time residents (retirees and vacation homeowners), who travel to the town from the United States during the American holidays spring break and Memorial Day.



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