San Luis, Arizona – San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora

SL border map 1 San Luis, Arizona – San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora

There are 2 ports of entry here: the San Louis Downtown entry and The San Luis II Port of Entry. The commercial entry was built in 2010 to divert trucks and ease traffic downtown. The following is about the downtown entry.

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours

Banjercito Open 8 AM till 10 PM all week

San Luis Border PhotoPhone: (928) 627-8854


Often quite a bit of traffic in both directions. Close to Yuma.

SL border map 2Directions:

To Mexico

Drive South on Highway 95 directly to the border. After crossing approximately 1 block you can turn on highway 2 towards your destination.


Drive North to the Junction of Highway 40 and Highway 2. Go one block eastward to Calle 3. Turn Left. Drive 2 blocks and turn left again. You will likely be in line…..

Useful Information for this border crossing:

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