San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi

san Luis Potosi Map 1San Luis Potosi, San Luis Potosi

San_Luis_Potosi COA“We really enjoyed staying in centro. Walking around the square and feeling the vibes of the colonial past is always a great time.

No really a Gringo tourist spot but it should be.”
Dorothy Bell

Photographs by Bill Bell

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Name: San Luis Potosi takes its name from 2 sources. San Luis is named after King Luis IX of France and Potosi is in reference to the rich mines of Potosi Bolivia.

Location: San Luis is located in central Mexico – to the North of Queretero and Mexico City. The city is located in the west-central part of the state of the same name – San Luis Potosi.

Weather: Semi-Arid climate. Altitude moderates the summer weather. Cool winters. Precipitation May to October.
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January Average Highs 20.6C (69.1F) Lows 5.5C (41.9F)

July Average Highs 24.8C (76.6F)   Lows 13.4C (56.1F)sasluis14

Population: 686,000 city, 1,041,000 Metro

Elevation: 850 m (6,070 ft

Founded: November 3, 1592

Medical: Major hospitals and clinics

Money: Major Banks, ATMs



Getting there:

San Luis is like a wheel with highways as spokes from every direction. From the North or South, Highway 57. From the west Highway 49 From the East Highway 70.sasluis6


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