Santa Prisca, Patron Saint of Taxco, Guerrero

Santa Prisca, Patron Saint of Taxco, Guerrero

 SantaPrisca1 January 18

SantaPriscaSt. Prisca was a child martyr born to Christian parents of noble birth during the reign of Roman Emperor Claudius. Exact dates are unknown. Christians were then still persecuted and Christians hid their faith in fear of their lives. Prisca refused to hide her faith and when commanded by Claudius to make a sacrifice to the Roman God Apollo.

When she refused she was imprisoned and tortured. When she still would not denounce her faith she was taken to the coliseum to face a lion – the fierce beast became subdued in her presence and licked her feet.

Claudius then had her beheaded. A eagle is said to have protected her body until other Christians came in secret to bury her properly.

Church of Santa Prisca, New Spanish Baroque

SantaPriscachurchBuilt in Taxco Guerrero 1750’s the Church of Santa Prisca was constructed by José de la Borda a wealthy miner as a place where the priest Manuel de la Borda, his son, could conduct mass.

When construction for the church began, a terrible lightning storm aggressively plummeted the worksite. Masons and tradesmen knelt to pray and a visitation of San Prisca appeared to the workers.

The Church was the tallest building in Mexico until 1806


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