Santa Teresa / San Jeronimo Border Crossing

Santa Teresa / San Jeronimo Border Crossing

Name in US: Santa Teresa New Mexico

CD Juarez map 1



Hours of Operation: 6 am to Midnight 7 Days a week

Migration Office

Banjercito (Car Papers)

Drive to KM 30 of Highway 45 for Vehicle Papers

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This is a very easy entry point and is often empty when we have crossed. It is the best entry for large RV’s. You want to avoid the cities of El Paso and CD Juarez.

Directions: US Highway 10 just west of the New Mexico Texas Border, take Exit 8 and follow the sign for about 20 kms (12 miles)

You will then cross Mex Highway 2 and then reach Highway 45.

Useful Information for this border crossing:

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What You Can Bring Into Mexico  
Documents Required to Enter Mexico  
Vehicle Insurance  
Interior Cities Towns and Pueblos  
Mexico Interior Distance Charts  
Customs Allowances into the US  


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