Santo Tomas, Baja Mexico Wine Country

  Santo Tomas

Ensenada Map“Santo Tomas is a small town along an interior stretch of highway 1 along the Baja Peninsula. It is a small town – under 500 people – with a big history that continues to shape the present and future. Known for wine, the countryside is alive with vineyards inherited from the missionaries that discovered and developed these lands.”


santo-3Santo Tomas is the location of the third and final mission named Mission Santo Tomás de Aquino. (The earlier two missions have been lost after they were abandoned.) Previous to the mission, the lands were used by the Kumeyaay people.

santo-1The original mission was founded April 24 1791 in a large valley which today is called Santo Tomas Valley. The valley had natural springs and was home to alder, willow, oak and poplar Santo-2trees. The missionaries cultivated wheat, olives, beans, barley and most importantly – grapes on the 80 to 178 hectares.

It was a Dominican Mission and it grew, relocated in 1794 and in 1799.and reached its peak to a population of 400 by 1824. Grapes were grown for wine making in 1790.

By mid-century the population was reduced to 60 and was abandoned. The site was taken over by the military and for a time was used as a fort and the capital of Northern Baja California. It is now an undecernable ruins.


Vineyards and agriculture are the main industry. There is also camping and a small developing wine-tourism sector.Baja-Road-Log-Offer


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Santo Tomas

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