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sanoyta mapSonoyta Sonora

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“This is the gateway for Puerto Peñasco as well as a Western Portal for coastal cities.
It is a small town, has a bank, restaurants and places to pick up supplies for the trip to Rocky Point or to Places South East.”

Name: Sonoyta – is derived from the Tohono O’odham language meaning “Base of water.”

Location: Sonoyta is located on the border across from Lukeville in Arizona. It is in the Northern part of the State of Sonora.

Weather: Desert. with cool winters and hot summers. Small amount of precipitation September to March.
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January Average Highs 16 Lows 8

July Average Highs 32 Lows 26

SonoytaPopulation: 13,000 

Elevation: 400 m (1,300 ft)

Founded: 1694 by San Marcelo de Sonoitac

Medical: Doctors dentist

Money: There is a bank on Highway 2 and other ATMs


The Indigenous group Tohono O’odham lived in the general area before the arrival of the Spanish. When the Spanish did arrive the Jesuit Missionaries developed communities around lakes and rivers.

They called a nearby spring called Ṣon Oidag meaning “Base of water”. In 1963 Father Kino founded a missionary community here and called it Nuestra Senora de Loreto y San Marcelo de Sonoyta.


Sonoyta is a farming ranching community that gets some supply tourism because of its location near the border.

Getting there:

Sonoyta is on the cross roads of Mex Highway 8 to Puerto Penasco and Highway 2 from Mexacali and points West, and Santa Ana and points East.



No RV Parks in Sonoyta. Nearby RV Parks are in Lukeville, Caborca, Santa Anna or Puerto Penasco

Sonoyta Map 2

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