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Alamos“Very fond memories of Taxco walking down the hills. Not so much walking up.

Taxco is the silversmith capital of the country and shops and markets abound with craftsmen and their wares. Truly artistic and awe inspiring.

It has a beautiful cathedral at the top of the hill and then we stroll and savor the long way down. Tasty restaurants, welcoming people, interesting art and culture AND about that rotisserie chicken…. Great stop.”

Dorothy Bell

Name: Taxco de Alarcón. Taxco comes from the Nahuatl word Tlachco, meaning “Place of the Ballgame.” “De Alarcón” is in reference to writer Juan Ruiz de Alarcón a local writer.

Location: Taxco is 170 km (106 mi) southwest of Mexico City in the state of Guerrero.

Weather: Mild temperate climate. Rainy season is from June until September.

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January Average Highs 25.1C (77.2) Lows 16.3C (61.3F)

July Average Highs 26.4C (79.5F) Lows 17.8C (64F)

Population: 39,587 City, 98,854 region

Elevation: 1,778 m (5,833 ft)

Founded: 1529

Medical: Hospitals, doctors dentists

Money: Banks



Getting there:

Drive south from Mexico City on Highway 95D and turn towards Taxco on Highway 95.


Taxco hotels

No RV Parks in Taxco

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