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“Is it a beer? Is it a mountain? Is it a river? It’s Tecate!

tecate beerTecate is a small city that manages to escape the desert climate due to its altitude and relative proximity to the ocean.

It is a pleasant city surrounded by mountains and blessed with green countryside. It is also blessed with wineries and the Tecate Brewery.”

Dorothy Bell  

Name:The origin of the name Tecate is unclear. Yuma Indians called it Zecate which is rougly translated to mean valley. Some believe it is an indigenous name meaning ‘cut stone’ or ‘cut tree’. Others say the name is the bark of the Euncino plant (te tecata) a local medicinal plant.

Location: Located on the US Border between Tijuana and Mexicali, 61 KMs (38 miles) from San Diego. It is in the State of Baja California on the Baja Peninsula..

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Weather: Temperate. Cool winters and hot summers with Rainy season from November to March

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January Average Highs 19.6C (67.3F) Lows 3.4C (38.1F)

July Average Highs 33.7C (92.7F)  Lows 13.9C (57F)

Tecate signPopulation: 65,000

Elevation: 541 m (1,775 ft)

Founded: October 12, 1892

Medical: Hospitals. doctors and dentists

Money: Banks, ATMs


Originally inhabited by the Yuma Indians who settled in the Tecate valley. They believed the  1,520 – meter (5,000 foot) Monte Cuchumá (sometimes called Tecate Peak) to be sacred. In the 1800’s farming began by a few individual mestizo families finding success with the ample water and fertile soils.

Tecate centroIn 1831, the Mexican Government gave Peruvian Juan Bandini a land grant of 4,500 hectares to develop an agricultural colony. 2 years later the town plan was developed. In 1836 the Kumeyaay indians plundered the ranch and lay siege to the ranch house. While Bandini and his men were rescued, the ranch itself was decimated and the livestock were stolen. There were many attacks on Ranchers near San Diego. Bandini  never returned to the area.

In 1892 the railway connected Tijuana, Tecate and Mexicali and the City of Tecate was officially founded. Ranchers and farmers returned to the area with the abundant water and fertile soil. Grapes, coffee, olives and grain are produced locally.

The Cuauhtemoc Brewery, producer of Tecate Beer, opened in 1943. After the Free Trade agreement, a few maquiladoras have located east of the city on Mexico 2.

Tecate FactoryToday:

Tecate remains an agricultural town with some small manufacturing plants.


The quaint and enjoyable city enjoys a small but consistent tourism industry. Handicrafts, souvenirs, Mexican cuisine.  The Plaza offers relaxation a a focal point for socializing.
The train running from called Campo in California to Tecate, the “Tecate Ticket”, is currently out of commission due to a fire. Check if you are interested.

The Tecate Brewery – now owned primarily by Heineken, has a free tour; You view the plant and are shown how the beer is produced. You also receive a free beer at the the beginning of the tour and sometimes also at the end.

Dr. Arturo Guerra #70, Tecate 21400, Mexico
Phone Number: 011 +52 (665) 654-9490
Baja 500Events
May – Tecate-to-Ensenada bicycle race
July – Tecate celebration in Los Encinos Park (dance, crafts, food concessions, and exhibits).
August – Running of th Bulls Festival has been cancelled because of accidents.

Getting there: Drive Highway 2 from either Mexicali (drive West) or Tijuana (drive East). From Ensenada drive North on Highway 3



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