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Teotihuacan Onsite Guide

Teotihuacan Onsite Guide

Welcome to the Teotihuacán Onsite Guide app for your tablet!

You are going to have one of Mexico’s most exciting experiences. Walking down the “Avenue of the Dead,” you can almost feel the ancient civilization that once built and occupied this city. You can imagine the colors and sounds of this sophisticated culture that dominated the America’s long before Columbus or Cortez set foot on this continent.

Imagine, explore and have fun

The Teotihuacán Onsite Guide is meant for people who want to experience more information about this mysterious city. We wrote it for people who want more information instead of aimlessly walking from building to building and temple to temple.

We built this guide to help you plan, prepare and experience one of Mexico’s most fascinating ancient ruins: Teotihuacán. While you may be able to get internet with your tablet at the site, it will be too slow and cumbersome to work efficiently. Some of the information is scattered on the web while other sources are still in journal and book form. This App combines the best information and allows you to download it and later access it onsite when you need it.

There are chapters that give advice before you go. Read though them and determine what works for you and the people you will be traveling with. Then take your tablet with you and read about Teotihuacán’s important structures and pyramids as you walk the site. And you can access the information quickly and efficiently on your tablet.

Please write and tell us how much you enjoyed your visit. We invite recommendations, comments and new information! Write us at editor@ontheroadin.com

Dorothy and Bill Bell

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