The Colombia Border Crossing

Nuevo Laredo Map 1The Colombia Border Crossing


Hours of Operation: 8 am to midnight 7 Days a week

Migration Office

Banjercito (Car Papers)

colombia 1Comments:

This is an excellent border crossing and is usually very quick to cross and be processed. It is the best for RV’s and large rigs.

Returning is also easy. There is a small kiosk that takes your sticker that is easily accessed.

Lots of parking!

Colombia MapDirections: South US Highway 35 North of Laredo take Exit 8 and follow the signs for Colombia Crossing. There is a toll bridge with a small toll. Under $2.

Do not use Highway 256 as it is a private toll road that is unmanned but has cameras to enforce fines and payments.

North Drive Mex Highway 85 and exit to Highway 2 bypass at approximately KM 170. Drive approximately 90 kms (55 miles) to Highway 2. Follow signs to Colombia Crossing. Return your sticker at the tiny kiosk and then loop around until you can access the US bound lanes.

Useful Information for this border crossing:

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