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Alamos“While the Eagles deny, it Todos Santos really is Hotel California’s home. Once you are here “you can check-out any time you like but you can never leave.
This palm dotted patch of desert is situated close to the Pacific’s edge, half way between La Paz and Cabo. Geographically and spiritually speaking.

From “Shut up Franks Bar to the Mission church, this town is truly magical and remains a favorite for many travelers.”

Dorothy Bell



In 1724 Todos Santos was founded by Jaime Bravo as Misión Santa Rosa de las Palma as a visita – a spoke of the Misión de Nuestra Señora del Pilar de La Paz Airapí – the mission in La Paz. In 1733 it was given full mission status but the Pericú and Guaycura Indians revolted destroyed it only one year later. In 1735 the mission was rebuilt on the original site.  todo-santos

Todos Santos was the sugarcane capital during the 1800’s with eight mills operating. The fields were fed by a groundwater spring and worked by Indian labour. The town flourished and many of the beautiful colonial style buildings and homes were built during this prosperity

The mission’s population fluctuated for the net hundred years; declines from disease, epidemics, escapes and fighting and increases in population as other missions closed and the neophytes moved in. In 1840 the decrease in population forced the closure of the original mission.

In 1848 during the Mexican American war the town was the site of one of the last battles known as the Skirmish of Todos Santos was fought.

In 1855 a new mission was established in the central plaza and the town continued to thrive. However the spring water dried up and by 1950 and in 1965 the last mill closed its doors.

In 1981 Todos Santos began to rebuild its future when Highway 19 was built from Cabo to La Paz, bringing tourists and economic activity. Farming has re-immerged with the cultivation of tomatoes, avocados, vegetables, chilies, papayas and mangoes. Ranching and fishing remain important economic industries.shutup-Franks-todo-Santos

Todos Santo Today

Artist Colony. Seaside retreat. Alternative lifestyle.

Markets, handi-crafts and knick-nacks.

Watersports. Fishing. Camping. Surfing. Sunbathing.


Todos Santos sits on the Tropic of Cancer and is geographically blessed with beautiful weather for most of the year. Tourists flock here as a day trip from Cabo San Lucas or La Paz and find the charming small town atmosphere enjoyable and welcoming. There is a real estate boom here because people love the culture and the sea.

Upscale restaurants, galleries boutique hotels and restored colonial buildings make this 5000 people strong pueblo a tourist magnet. The ocean is nearby – say 15 minute drive – to the water’s edge. Surfing is good with three spots to choose from.

No wonder that in 2006, the Mexican Government named this town a Pueblo MagicoBaja-Road-Log-Offer


Getting There

From Cabo San Lucas drive north on Highway 19 approximately 1 hour.

From La Paz drive Highway 1 south to Highway 19 intersection and turn onto that highway.



Todos Santos





Todo Santos

El Litro Small Campground

San Pedrito




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