Toll Highways

caseta de cobraToll Highways In Mexico

Toll roads are expensive but do get you places quickly. They can cost you as much again in costs as your fuel.

You are charged based on the number of axles. A van would be considered 2 axles. A Class C is 3 axles. A 5th wheel is charges a 4 axel rate as is a C towing a car.

The toll highways are often nearly empty as everyone else is taking the “libre” road. The free road alternatives are often beat up and potholed. They will take you through small towns and though industrial sprawl. They are often very congested.

On the other hand, driving exclusively on the toll roads without exploring and smelling the roses would be foolish as well. One of the main reasons we drive Mexico rather than fly is that we get to visit the off the beaten path towns. We get to smell the roses. We see and experience a Mexico that most tourists and travelers just read about.

Go here to a link of the latest published rates

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