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Toluca COAWhen you are driving through Toluca, it doesn’t seem like much of a stop. The highways lead you through industrial areas where a lot of traffic and frustration is on everyone’s minds.
But Toluca can charm. Like many Mexican places it has a Centro core that is filled with colonial architecture, plazas, small parks, art and marketplaces. It is well worth exploring

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Name: The Matlatzincas indigenous people called the area Nepintahihui meaning “Land of Corn.” This was changed when the Aztecs took power and named it Tolutépetl or “Hill of the God Tolo which eventualyl became Toluca.

The formal name of the city is Toluca de Lerdo after President Sebastián Lerdo de Tejada.

Location: Toluca is located to the west of Mexico City in a valley.

Weather: Toluca is a subtropical highland climate. Cool in the summers because of the altitude. Cold in the winter. The rainy season is June to October.


January Average Highs 19.1C (66.4F) Lows 1.2C (34.2F)

July Average Highs 20.8C (69.4F) Lows 8.7C (47.7C)

Population: 819,561

Elevation: 2,660 m (8,730 ft)

Founded: Established in 1530 but not recognized until 1677 as a town

Medical: Majo hospital, doctors, dentists, specialty medical

Money: Major Banks



Getting there: From Northern Cities drive highway 55D from Altacolombo south to Tuluca.
From Mexico City drive west on Highway 134.
From Taxco area drive Highway 55 North.

Drive from.



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