Top destinations for an autumn getaway!

As the summer months draw to an end, you might think like your chance for a quick getaway is ebbing away. But just because the days are getting shorter and the temperatures will start to fall, does not mean that there aren’t a whole host of fabulous destination just waiting for you to explore them. You don’t have to stick to just Mexico, and if you are feeling adventurous, there are some incredible destinations a little bit further afield. Travel opens the soul and expands the mind through a plethora of new experiences and moments, and the best way to retain the memories for a lifetime is through taking photographs. Creating a travel photo book will allow you to transport yourself back to these incredible locations, months and even years after you have returned. So where should you consider visiting this autumn? Read on to find out more!


An archipelago of islands located in the southern Mediterranean, Malta has a lot to offer. With over 3000 hours of sunshine a year, and temperatures that never drop below 12 degrees Celsius, you can visit at pretty much any time of year and be guaranteed some lovely, mild weather.  Malta and its smaller sister island of Gozo, really do have it all. From wreck and reef diving in some of the clearest waters in the world, to exploring ancient citadellas and Neolithic hypogeum’s. From high end shopping, to top-class Mediterranean cuisine and world class nightlife, Malta has a little of something to suit every kind of traveller.


A city in the South of England, just two hours from London, Bristol is often called the smaller, friendlier, and cheaper version of the capital. From its impressive suspension bridge, multicoloured houses, and huge emphasis on culture, music, and art- it has everything London has, and more, but on a smaller scale. Experience Westcountry hospitality at its finest, enjoy the cider, and take a trip to the nearby coastline- Bristol is a place that you will fall in love with and what to return to again and again.


The current European City of Culture, Paphos in south west Cyprus has a perfect mixture of culture, beaches, food, and of course, glorious weather. With the temperatures staying warm well into the beginning of the winter months, it is a perfect location for an autumn trip. Cyprus is known as the playground of the gods, and you can feel the ancient history around you as soon as you step off the plane. From the majestic mountains, to the beautiful coast line, and historic sites of interest, it is a must visit location for any traveller.


Travelling the world and making memories is what life is all about. By travelling in the autumn months you can still enjoy good weather, but without having to share the experience with crowds of tourists!



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