Travel Buddies


Travel Buddies is a program we began seven years ago when many of our readers wanted to travel together for safety and recreational purposes. Many first-timers particularly want to travel with another vehicle so they can learn the ropes and the rules of the road so to speak.
We have made some changes and now our Travel Buddies has it’s own Facebook Page. This allows you to make your own post, post your own pictures and talk to people who will be making the same trip that you will.


Once you go to the page, ask to join. You will be approved quickly.
Then you can post. We ask that you answer the following questions:

1) Name and a contact email

2) Border you intend to cross

3) Date you intend to cross

4) What is your destination

5) Departure City

6) Any comments.

If everyone follows this format it will be easy to locate info……

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