Uruapan, Michoacán

uruapan map 1Uruapan, Michoacán

Uruapan COA“Uruapan is the second largest city in Michoacán but it has a small Mexican town atmosphere. The main plaza has markets selling hand crafted items and local fruits and nuts. Macadamia nuts and avocados rule the area.
And do they have festivals. The Palm Sunday Handcraft Market is held during Semana Santa. Beautiful work!”

Dorothy Bell

Name: Uruapan’s name means “Plant that always has fruit” in the indigenous Purépecha language.

Location: Uruapan is located in western central Mexico in the state of Michoacán’s on the western edge of the Purépecha highlands. It is on the Mexican Volcanic Belt.

Weather: The city has a mild climate; temperate and tropical, with rain falling in the summer.

January Average Highs 24.7C (76.5F) Lows 9.1C (48.4F)

July Average Highs 26.3C (79.3F) Lows 14.7C (58.5F)

Population: 316,000

Elevation: 1,620 m (5,310 ft)

Founded: 1533 by Fray Juan de San Miguel

Medical: Doctors, dentists, hospital, clinics

Money: Banks, ATMs



Getting there:

From Morelia, drive Mex Highway 14 and 14d to Patzcuaro and then onward to Uruapan.

From the Coast and Lazaro Cardenas drive North on Mex Highway 37D.



Uruapan Hotels






Motel Pie de La Sierra


El Pozo RV Park

Villa Patzcuaro


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