Valladolid Yuctan

Valladolid Map 1Valladolid Yuctan

Valladolid coat of arms“This small charming colonial city is out favorite when visiting Chichen Itza, the surrounding cenotes, ancient sites and pueblos. It has a certain real charm with plenty of great things to do nearby.
We also love the small town square where you can people watch all day long. Come and enjoy!”

Dorothy Bell

Name: Valladolid Yuctan Named after the then Capital of Spain. Named a Pueblo Mágico August 30, 2012

Located between Merida and Cancun in the interior of the Northern Yucatan Peninsula

Weather: Hot in the summer. Hot winters. 



January Average Highs 29.8C (85.6F) Lows 17.1C (62.8F)

July Average Highs 34.6C (94.3F) Lows 22.2C (72)

Population: Approximately 50,000

Elevation:  10 meters (30 ft)

Founded: May 28, 1540 by Francisco de Montejo (the Nephew)

Medical: New Hospital, clinics, doctors, dentists

Money: Banks and ATMs



Valladolid map 2Getting there:

From Cancun: Drive 180D West. 160 Kilometers 1 hour 35 minutes



Valladolid Hotels





Piste/Chichen Itza

Piramide Inn Resort

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