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“Veracruz is an interesting city and definitely worth a visit. Everywhere you go you see the bright white sailor uniforms and black polished boots. Very much a lively port city.Veracruz navy

The malecon – seaside sidewalk – is remarkable and you can catch cool breezes as you stroll kilometers from the city center out to the suburbs. Some areas are quiet and peaceful and others are chalk full of vendors selling souvenirs, snacks, jewelry and t-shirts.veracruz malecon
veracruzzocalo2The main plaza is called Plaza de las Armas, the Zocalo as it is called – is typically built with the catherdal on one side (Virgen de la Asunción) and the Municipal palace on another. Shops and restaurants line the other two sides. It is a very lively square and you really haven’t experienced Veracruz unless you have spent an evening there, people watching.”

by Dorothy Bell – Photos Bill Bell


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Spanish for Tue Cross. Veracruz was named Villa Rica de la Vera Cruz by Cortez when he landed in this location on Good Friday.

It is also known as the Four Times Heroic City referring to battles or invasions by foreign countries ( France: the Pastry War and French intervention and two from the USA: the Siege of Veracruz and the 1914 US occupation).

Location: On the Gulf Coast of Mexico to the East of Mexico City

Weather: Hot and humid in the summer. Warm and dryer winters. Dry season November to May Wet Season from June to October. Expect late afternoon thunder storms daily.



January Average Highs 24.3C (75.7V) Lows 18.1C (64.6F)

July Average Highs 30.9C (87.6F) Lows 23.6C (74.5F)

veracruz artPopulation: 703,000 in the Metro Area – the state’s most populous city.

Elevation:  Sea level to 10 m (30 ft)

Founded: 22 April 1519

Medical: Major Hospitals, doctors, Dentists

Money: Banks, AtMs



Getting there:

veracruz map 2
Drive Gulf Coast Highway directly to Veracruz.
From Mexico City, drive East on Highway 150 D.

veracruz marine buildng 1Accommodation:


Veracruz hotels




South of Veracruz

Rancho La Contessa

El Ray Balneario and RV Park    



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