Zacatecas, Zacatecas

Zacatecas Map 1Zacatecas, Zacatecas

Zacatecas coa“Zacatecas is a lovely colonial silver mining city with tones of charm and allure to keep your camerea occupied for days. It is very special for history buffs.
For tourists and explorers Zacatecas is an easy inexpensive city to explore. It’s not on the cabo or Cancun radar map so prices are reasonable and good value for most.”

by Dorothy Bell

Name: Zacatecas is named after the indigenous people the Zacateco people which is Nahual for “People of the Grasslands.”

Location: Located in the north-central Mexico, Zacatecas is squeezed between Sierra Madre Occidental and another subrange called Sierras y Valles Zacatecanos. The land is hilly and rugged.

Weather: Semi Arid climate with rain falling between June and October. Temperate summer and cool wnters. Freezing is not uncommon.



January Average Highs 17.8C (64F) Lows 4.7C (40.5F)

July Average Highs 23.8C (74.8F) Lows 11.8C (53.2F)

Population: 130,000 Municipal

Elevation: 2,440 m (8,010 ft)

Founded: 1548

Medical: Major medical

Money: Major Banks, ATMS



Getting there:

Drive from.Durrango or Aguascalientes on Highway 45 and or 45D.
From Saltillo drive West on Highway 54


Zacatecas Hotels



Hacienda del Bosque

Morelos Trailer Park

Motel de Bosque

Zacatecas Map 2

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